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New Sony ad portrays PS3 fans as Nazi sympathizers

29 September 2009 One Comment

New Sony ad portrays PS3 fans as Nazi sympathizers screenshot

Wow … I know that Sony can go a little nuts when it comes to weird PS3 commercials, but this Chilean ad really takes home the prize. The commercial portrays a gamer giving blood to a Nazi officer. Seriously, Sony is telling consumers that PS3 fans are essentially Nazi sympathizers. 

To be fair, the Nazi in question is meant to be Erwin Rommel, generally considered the best of a bad lot, but even so, this is has caused quite a bit of uproar since its unveiling. The casual observer isn’t going to immediately know it’s Rommel, providing that observer even knows who Rommel is. The untrained eye will merely see a man happily donating blood to a decorated member of the Third Reich. 

The ad is one of two revealed so far, with a gamer donating his heart to Joan of Arc in the other. On one level, it’s quite a clever idea and the commercials are certainly quite bold and artistic. On another level, he’s giving a blood transfusion to a f*cking Nazi!

Both brilliant and stupid at the same time. Gotta love Sony’s marketing brains.

Via Destructoid

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  • DAVID said:

    “HIS GIVING BLOOD TO A F8*&^*(G NAZI!!!! LOL the hypocracy astounds me!!!you base your ‘hatred’ on nazis because they ‘evil’ and intollerrent true?! have you ever met a nazi??rascist lol far from it and by already condeming them to be branded as evil,heartless merdurerers is sickening and to be honest shows how dumb you really are!!You willingly attack nazis straight out and have media support saying your the heros for attacking these nazis. its funny because to anyone with more than unintelligent thought at their disposal would say your the bad guys for persuting an intire group of ‘PROPER’nazis that believe that family,god and homelaand are worth dying for to protect!!!!!!! americans media groups (zionist ssatanic worshippers mind you) love portraying nazis are the most evil regime of our time and yet their crusade against nazi ideology shows they are no better than the nazis they attack!!!!its the skin head gang that give us the worst name and on top of that have no clue we nazi ideology is about lolwe have a chance to join up regardless of issues and storm these zionist mind manipulates back as did hitler!!!yep yep the 6 million jews that died hahaha have a look at your SOLID JEW ZIONIST information!!!!…..
    will send through when i learn how lol comps arent my strong point!! :)

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